Since you’re reading this blog post you might already be using Cartics App (beta) or you’re considering it (Do it! Sign up for the private beta here). We’re super excited about that, and we hope you will love using it as much as we do. In this blog post we’ll give you a few tips on how to get started with Cartics and get the most out of the app.

The best way to illustrate this is to simply show you how I have synced my own car with the Cartics App, and hopefully this will give you some idea as to how the app works and the benefits you will reap.

1. Start with the “Why”

We know you love your car, but if you find yourself caught up in low mileage, more fuel expenditure and can’t keep track of these things, then Cartics is definitely for you! What we recommend is you think about all those situations where you would like to keep track of your work/weekend long trips, those excess charges from mechanics, those flashy lights that glow on your car dashboard and is there anyone who can give you constructive feedback on your driving skills.

2. Create Profile

First start off by creating your profile with your details and registering. Currently in beta we only have the sign up process and there is no Login, so make sure your credentials are entered correctly. Incase of any error, you can get in touch with us and we might be able to help you.

3. Sync your Device

The next  would be to get your car connected to your smartphone.This would be a step by step process and you would require an OBD II device (if you would like to know what i.e. check out our previous blog post) Connect your OBD II device to the diagnostics port in every car, usually located under the steering wheel. Start your Engine. Pair your phone bluetooth with the OBD II. (This would usually ask for 1 time password “1234” and Voila you devices are synced now.


4. Choose your Car

Following the above step, would be to input your car details from the dropdown boxes provided. Our current database consists of Indian cars currently plying on Road and we are simultaneously adding more with user inputs. For International users, we have a separate category as International in the “Make” dropdown, which has a list of cars based on International private beta users.

5. Your first trip requires a Drive

Great! Now your done and ready to take your first trip. From now, it is up to you to explore our features and let us know how it is. After your first trip, you need not login , Open your app and click the “Connect OBD button” to start logging you next trip.

6. Can our smart Driver scores help

Once your done with your first trip, you would get a driver score for each day, which reflects on certain parameters such as speeding, idling, hard braking and rapid acceleration.

7. Car Score dang it

This score is with comparison to the max performance your can provide as per manufacturer stats. Considering this, it is highly unlikely to achieve a full score. However we believe comparison with the highest threshold will give a better standpoint.

8. Go Green

The fuel feature helps you keep track of your fuel expenses. Apart from that, we also give a projection on what possibly could have been the amount of emissions based on your driving. These are figures based on general driving trends and are not the absolute.

Cartics beta is still new – Considering this to be beta, we have launched with a basic set of features based on certain assumptions. As we move forward,  we would be learning and gathering data to assist us in taking Cartics to the next level and beyond.

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