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My three part car maintenance problem and how I might have it all figured out

As an amateur motorist who had just got his new car, I treated it with utmost care, like the last bit of my Cornetto ice cream. In spite of this, I had a below average mileage on my car compared to what the automobile company portrayed. This was driving me nuts.

pic_2So I reached out to my friend and asked him for any tips for improvement (considering my friend to be a motorhead, I believed he might have more experience). Apparently not, his mileage ratio in comparison to the standard mileage depicted by the company was off the grid.This was what made me think do we actually have a problem here.


The three part car maintenance problem

Now most of you must be thinking: “Easy! Just refer the internet for mileage improvement hacks and follow them”. It’s easier said than done .Yea, you can read them and learn about it, but it’s quite difficult to keep it in mind and execute it. So I questioned myself, what would be required to keep my car in top condition at all times:

#1. “How do I improve my mileage?”

#2. “How do I know if my Engine is in good condition?”

#3. “What is my contribution to Global Warming?”


Though the last one might be contradicting to the title, as it’s not going to benefit only your car, but the society as well, and it is indeed a problem.

Do you believe this to be a problem or faced something similar? I think I might be able to help.

So at the end of the day, you might think my mileage might just be fine the way it is. What if you could have a Smart Assistant to help you be on top of your car maintenance problems?

  • Real Time Feedback to improve mileage
  • Urgency and Criticality of Engine Issues
  • Your actual contribution on Emissions

This is why we built Cartics.

If you have been nodding your head up and down throughout this post in agreement, we’d love for you to take part in our private beta and be one of the first to give it a whirl!


If not, feel free to drop me a line or comment below if you have similar issues or have any car maintenance problems to share? Would love to hear your thoughts 😃